Unpacking Remcos malware

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As-salamu Alaykum


Remcos is a RAT type malware that attackers use to perform actions on infected machines remotely. This malware is extremely actively caped up to date with updates coming out almost every single month. 1

MD5: 5E9770C2B22B03E5726285900AFAB954


Open the sample in DiE we see that’s a .NET executable. It’s high Entropy then it’s packed.

Unpacking process

Drag the sample into x32dbg and set BPs at VirtualAlloc, VirtualProtect, CreateProcessInternalW, IsDebuggerPresent. Then press F9 we to hit the first BP which is IsDebuggerPresent then Execute till return and change EAX to 0. Then run F9 we hit VirtualAlloc and Execute tille return and dump EAX then check the dump. After many times hitting VirtualAlloc BP we notice that it’s useless so disable this BP.


Then run F9 to hit VirtualProtect BP Which is the same as VirtualAlloc Disable it too. Then press F9 to run and hit IsDebuggerPresent then Execute till return and change EAX to 0. Then press F9 we get exception error ignore it and press F9 to keep going. We hit CreateProcessInternalW BP. Because it’s injecting code into an existed or new process. In this case, it will inject a new child process.


Then we set WriteProcessMemory, and NtResumeThread BPs. Beacuase after injecting the process then resume the process from the suspended state. We will unpack it before resuming the process So we don’t need the last BP. Press F9 to hit WriteProcessMemory BP. We see the suspended process from Process Hacker tool.


From the documantation of WriteProcessMemory the 3rd parameter is buffer which holds our unpacked file.


Then we select from MZ to the end of the dump section then right click => Binary => Save to a File. This our unpacked file.

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أضئ مصباحك لرُبما دلَّ على الطريق


1- https://any.run/malware-trends/remcos

2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIH4SvKuktM&t=2s&ab_channel=OALabs

3- WriteProcessMemory