Unpacking Ramnit malware

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As-salamu Alaykum


The Ramnit Trojan is a type of malware able to exfiltrate sensitive data. This kind of data can include anything ranging from banking credentials, FTP passwords, session cookies, and personal data. Leaking this information can easily destroy user trust in a business, and in the process lose customers and ruin reputations. 1

MD5: 6B71498D63E05F83648E6D9A9CEDBF0A


Open the sample in DiE we see that it’s high Entropy and it’s packed.

Unpacking process

Drag the sample into x32dbg and set BPs at VirtualAlloc, VirtualProtect, CreateProcessInternalW, IsDebuggerPresent, WriteProcessMemory, and NtResumeThread. Then press F9 we to hit the first BP. As we know that Ramnit malware is a dropper, we see that it’s dropping a file in the same directory where the sample is being debugged.



Then press F9 now we hit NtResumeThread BP now we know that it’s injecting unpacking code. If we open Process Hacker we see under the ramnit process there’s a ramnitmgr.exechild process which is suspended. The parent process is ramnit.bin and the child process is ramnitmgr.exe.


Now Don’t close the debugger. Open a new x32dbg window the press file in the menu then attach the child process. Now we have two x32dbg windows are opened. Now if we try to set BPs in the debugger of the child process it says it’s invalid add because the process still suspended. To activate go to the debugger of the parent process and run to user code. Now go to the child debugger and set the first 5 BPs as we did above.


Return to Parent debugger, press F9 to hit IsDebuggerPresent BP, beacause the debugger is present so EAX is set to 1 if we continue the debugger will exit and pops up this is a compiled autoit script. So we need to change it to 0. Now Execute till return and double click on EAX and change it to 0. After that run F9 again and IsDebuggerPresent BP hits do the same and change it to 0 and then run F9.


Now we go back to the child process debugger to get the unpacked file. Then run F9 hits VirtualProtect BP then Execute till return we see the 2nd parameter points to a location 400000 and change the permission to RWC which an indicator of unpacking. Then we dump it we see MZ magic byte. Run F9 again we see the same location but changes the permission to R which an indicator to finish unpacking. We go and Follow in Memory map and save it. Analyze it then come back it’s not our goal.


Now we are back and press F9 hits VirtualAlloc BP and Execute till return we see it’s allocating memory then dump EAX in dump 2 then press F9 we see it’s unpacking some strange strings in the dump 2. Then Execute till return and dump EAX in dump 3 then press F9 we see dump 3 is empty. Then Execute till return and dump EAX to dump 4. Then run F9 and chech dump 4 we see our unpacked file.


Now we open Process Hacker to save our unpacked file which is packed with UPX. The OEP might be different to yours. Then unpack UPX using CFF Explorer tool.


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لن يدومَ الهمُّ يا حلوَ المُحيّا، لن يظلّ الحزنُ في عينيكَ يحيا


1- https://www.cybereason.com/blog/banking-trojan-delivered-by-lolbins-ramnit-trojan

2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6ZunH6YG0A&ab_channel=GuidedHacking