Unpacking Dridex malware

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Dridex is a famous banking Trojan which appeared around 2011 and is still very active today. This is because of its evolution and its complex architecture, which is based on proxy layers to hide the main command and control servers (C&C). The APT known as TA505 is associated to Dridex. 1

MD5: 6A8401448A5BD2B540850F811B20A66D


Open it in DiE to see Entropy. It’s too high and if we open the sample in IDA. IDA will pop up a warning which means that the sample is packed. After it’s opened in IDA we see that it’s less number of functions and no imports.


Unpacking Process

Then open the sample with x32dbg and set 3 breakpoints VirtualAlloc and VirtualProtect and CreateProcessInternalW. Then press F9 to hit the first BP. We hit VirtualAlloc then Execute till return and dump EAX. We see that’s empty. Then run again and Execute till return and dump EAX. Then run again for the third time and Execute till return and dump EAX. We notice that there’s a PE header starts with MZ magic byte which we can assume that’s our unpacked file. Don’t close x32dbg yet Follow in memory map and save it then open it in pestudio. It shows that we didn’t finish the unpacking process.


We keep doing the same steps till we hit VirtualProtect BP. then Execute till retrun then we look at the second parameter which will change the permission at this memory location which is 10000000.


If you follow in Memory Map you will see RWC which means that it still writing which still unpacking.


Then run again which will hit VirtualProtect again. Then Execute till return and it points at the same location 10000000, but this time shows us it’s only R in memory map. Now we don’t know that if it’s done or not. So run again and Execute till return we see it points at another location but in the same region of memory of 10000000 which is 10001000.


This the 3rd time to hit VirtualProtect BP we keep doing the same steps which will point at another locations but in the same region of memory of 10000000. and in the 6th one we stop. We press F9 to run. It shows us EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT it’s done unpacking. Don’t close the debugger.


Now we hit VirtualAlloc 3 times and VirtualProtect 6 times at the 6th one we finished unpacking. We will restore the snapshot and do it again till hit VirtualProtect at the 6th time and Execute till return.

Then open Process Hacker tool to to save the unpacked file.



Then we repair the unapcked file to restore the imports table. As we did Here and save it. Then open it in pestudio if you unmapped it right, will show the imports table and you could analyze it easy.

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1- https://cyber-anubis.github.io/malware%20analysis/dridex/