Unpacking Vmprotect packer

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As-salamu Alaykum


Unpacking a file which is packed using commercialVmprotect packer.

Download the sample: Here

MD5: A39B4F74B5108A2B9F1A33B2FEB22CC5



This sample is written in Delphi language and is packed through a commercial packer called VmProtect. And its Entropy is very high in section Vmp1



Open it in IDA. We will notice that there is so many jumps and calls which the packer uses to obfuscate the code. So if you notice that if you press on any jump in the funtion you still in the same function. But the last jump or call will go to another function. So to short efforts and time, we will go to the last call or jump of the function and keep doing that till we get to this one.


We will reache to a function which has a loop if we press on the last jump of that function it will bring us to the same funtion. And after checking all the calls and jumps. this call is our way.


Till we find an interesting function. because its retn 48 it will return the last instruction which is push [esp+14h+arg_2C] and we need its address 03CBF12E beacause it will help us in debugging.


Unpacking process

We set breakpoints on 03CBF12E, VirtualAlloc,and VirtualProtect. Then we hit run to see us in 03CBF12E and we Follow in disassembler of its value. We did that we might see a call to a register in this section. But we won’t find any then we unset this breakpoint 03CBF12E. And see Strings references you will see a few strings. Then press run to hit VirtualProtect breakpoint and keep pressing run. Till we see this address 01287000 then we dump it.


Why that address? Because we need to find the OEP which is push ebp which we will find it after this address 01287000 which will be later 0128C074. After that we keep pressing run to hit VirtualAlloc breakpoint.


The last part is the what you need to focus on. As we said we will find the OEP above this address 01287000 which we will be searching for this instruction push ebp. Then press execute till return after that press run to user code while doing that keep you eyes on the Memory address because the OEP is in the range of 01287000. After trying the previous and hitting VirtualAlloc 4 times, we found the push ebp our OEP.



A friend told me to short effort and time do it automatically using scylla. After that the unpacked file is big 56.7MB


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1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoa89Khfgr0&ab_channel=GuidedHacking